REM-B Hydraulics uses Enerpac pump to improve lifting safety

Belgium based REM-B Hydraulics has developed a hydraulic shackle launch powerpack based on Enerpac’s cordless XC-Series hydraulic pump for connecting and releasing one thousand tonne, eighty five m high, offshore wind turbine bases throughout quayside lifting onto a pontoon.
REM-B Hydraulics’ system removes the requirement for lengthy hoses by utilizing a battery-powered, Enerpac XC pump to function a bi-directional valve linked to a cylinder that moves the pin connecting the shackle. – Image: REM-B Hydraulics

REM-B Hydraulics developed the powerpacks for worldwide steel construction firm, Smulders. The self-contained, remote-controlled hydraulics powerpacks are a safer different to long lengths of hydraulic hoses linked to a quayside pump.
Lifting diaphragm seal fabricated turbine bases from the quayside on to a barge for delivery offshore requires shackles to connect the turbine base to a three-point lifting frame and crane. Engaging and releasing the shackles is done using a double appearing valve association powered by quayside pump linked by long hoses. Smulders was in search of an easier and safer methodology of engaging and releasing the shackles with out the need for long hoses.
Attached to each leg of the lifting body, the REM-B Hydraulics’ system removes the requirement for lengthy hoses by using a battery-powered, Enerpac XC pump to operate a bi-directional valve connected to a cylinder that strikes the pin connecting the shackle. The whole system is contained in a compact metallic case with an external aerial linking each unit to a wireless controller. For elevated safety, the shackle pins are activated sequentially.
Weighing 9.9 kg, the Enerpac XC-Series hydraulic pump is equipped with an efficient electrical motor powered by an industrial grade 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery, delivering distinctive speed and run time and is designed for remote outside locations.

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