IPR recently supplied a pump dewatering answer to a repeat buyer, after which undertook the whole rebuild of a damaged pump set. Henru Strydom, operations supervisor at IPR, says that coping with a pump rental firm that has the expertise and capability to undertake an entire pump overhaul was a significant benefit for this manufacturing sector customer.
MEDIA RELEASE – 16-08-2022


Dealing with a pump rental firm that has the experience and capability to undertake an entire pump overhaul proved to be a significant advantage for a buyer in the manufacturing sector just lately.
Having had previous pump rental experience with IPR, this buyer requested urgent assistance when the pump it was using for water switch at its operation turned problematic.
“Not only had been we capable of provide a fast pump dewatering rental solution to this buyer,” says Henru Strydom operations manager at IPR, “we have been additionally able to undertake the whole overhaul of the pump making certain it was again in operation inside a comparatively brief time period.”

pressure gauge 10 bar of operation transferring water from one dam to another had taken it toll on the pump that was in use on the customer facility, and such is its manufacturing operation that it could not be with no dewatering pump. IPR’s staff were contacted for a rental pump set and had been capable of ship more than just that to its customer.
Strydom says that the broken pump was faraway from website and changed with a rental unit. On additional inspection at the company’s comprehensively equipped facility, the IPR group found that the damage was both mechanical and electrical, and that a full rebuild of the pump set could be important to ensure reliable operation going ahead.
The pump set was utterly stripped, and individual elements assessed previous to the ultimate determination on what work would have to be carried out. The last overhaul saw all bearings replaced because of extreme wear and a new engine wiring harness substitute the outdated one which was broken after short-circuiting. Other damaged components changed including the control panel.
Following this work, the pump set components were spray painted in IPR’s in-house spray booth, after which the pump was subjected to ultimate quality management inspections previous to it being tested in the company’s test tank. “Doing this offers our buyer full assurance that the rebuilt pump set is capable of conferences its rated flow of ninety litres per second at a most head of 25 metres,” Strydom says.
ไดอะแฟรม isn’t the primary full pump rebuild that IPR has carried out, and Strydom explains that having an in-depth understanding of pump functions and operations is a bonus especially when overhauling pump units. “The degree of belief that lots of our customers have in IPR has seen this sector of our enterprise increase exponentially and we anticipate that it will consider doing so.”


OVERHAUL PIC 01 : IPR recently undertook the entire rebuild of a broken pump set for a repeat customer.
OVRHAUL PIC 02 : IPR maintains having an in-depth understanding of pump functions and operations is an advantage particularly when overhauling pump sets.
OVERHAUL PIC 03 : A complete rebuild of the pump set ensured dependable operation going forward for this IPR customer.
OVERHAUL PIC 04 : The completely overhauled pump set which IPR undertook for a repeat customer in the manufacturing sector.





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