Taking another step upward as a leading dewatering pump and dredging specialist, IPR has been awarded the grasp distributorship for the Atlas Copco pump range in the Southern African region.
According to Lee Vine, managing director of IPR – previously called Integrated Pump Rental – the brand new arrangement will further improve IPR’s offering to prospects. The company has over the past eight years constructed a big presence in mining, building, agriculture and other industrial sectors.
“Representing a leading world model like Atlas Copco reinforces IPR’s commitment to our clients, which combines the very best quality equipment with our superior service levels,” says Vine. “Our intensive community within the area ensures we’re near clients, and the Atlas Copco range adds further to our capability to satisfy their site specific needs.”
The new vary consists of wet prime and dry prime diesel driven pumps, as nicely as submersible pumps for the three key pumping categories – dewatering, sludge and slurry. The diesel driven pumps range in capacity from a 30 metre to one hundred fifty metre head, with circulate rates from 50 to 1500 cubic metres per hour. The submersible vary of Atlas Copco pumps extends from 0.4 kW to fifty four kW energy.
“IPR has developed an unsurpassed depth of technical experience and market knowledge since we launched in 2015,” he says. “Our expertise base and connection to clients have made this collaboration with Atlas Copco a perfect match for us – adding considerable value for our buyer base.”
As ตัววัดแรงดันน้ำมัน for the Atlas Copco range, Steve du Toit highlights that a substantial stockholding is in place at IPR’s Johannesburg head office to fulfill demand. The company’s well-equipped and professionally staffed service centre is always available to help the market.
“The Atlas Copco brand boasts a excessive degree of high quality with sturdy materials of construction for sturdy efficiency and rugged put on,” says du Toit. “Features like high chrome impellers and mechanical seal flushing all contribute to optimum reliability and uptime.”
The pumps have additionally been designed with the user in mind, he explains – together with the convenience of access to internal parts, and a compact modular design. เกจวัดแรงดัน250bar are versatile and cellular, and could be trailer-based or skid-based. Just as IPR has evolved from a primarily rental company to promoting rising volumes of its pumps, so the Atlas Copco vary will be available for either purchase or rental.
“By having both a sales and rental choice, IPR may help customers to optimise the value of ownership for their explicit conditions,” he says. After a sustained interval of development, IPR has lately moved into new, bigger premises in Hughes, Jet Park. The expanded services will facilitate the mandatory stockholding, in addition to workshop area, and workplaces for design, engineering, gross sales and administration.

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