Enerpac launches cordless rail stressing kit

Enerpac has launched its RP-70A hydraulic rail stressor and ZC3-Series battery powered stressing pump which supplies a cordless, light-weight, zero emission, rail stressor package for rail track thermite welding.
Traditional absolutely assembled rail pullers are too heavy for operators to comfortably transport and deploy safely and rapidly. pressure gauge RP70A stressor makes use of modular elements that can be assembled and put in on website with out the necessity for tools, making preparation for rail stressing simpler and safer. Assembly typically takes less than two minutes.
The Enerpac rail stressing kit is designed for railway upkeep crews who assemble and install the rail puller immediately on site when adjusting the hole between rail ends for rail stressing, rail welding, repairing rail failures and servicing insulators. The durable, easy assembly elements, including Enerpac ZC3-Series pump and hose set, are up to thrice lighter than similar instruments. The complete package may be transported in an optional specially designed steel transport body.
The RP70A stressor has a 70-tonne pulling and 35-tonne pushing capability whereas holding the rail in impartial length in the course of the thermite welding process.

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