Bürkert introduces new seat valves

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is now providing durable and low maintenance on/off and control valves for switching and controlling gases, liquids and steam in the course of and meals industries, appropriate for media pressures up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 230°C.
Low maintenance on/off and management valves are important in the food and process trade. เกจวัดแรงดัน4นิ้วราคา of gases, steam or liquids, for example in auxiliary processes similar to cleaning-in-place (CIP), reverse osmosis or temperature management. Bürkert’s new range of electrical motor and pneumatically operated on/off management valves is designed for these functions, with prolonged strain and temperature ranges.
With เพรสเชอร์เกจnuovafima sealing materials, the valves with chrome steel valve our bodies work with media as a lot as 25 bar gauge pressure and temperatures between -40°C–230°C. The rated service life at 200°C is more than one million switching cycles.
Sealing supplies and lubricants appropriate for foodstuffs, consuming water, fuel gases or oxygen permit the valves for use with other media, including for cleaning and flushing functions, for heat carriers or saturated steam at 20 bar and 215°C.

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