Vogelsang launches virtual showroom for pump expertise

Vogelsang’s new digital showroom offers a 360-degree view of the company’s grinding and pumping solutions for a variety of industries including meat, food and chemicals, as well as the recycling sector and the manufacturing of paints and veneers.
Touch factors guarantee an interactive multimedia experience, with additional material similar to explanatory videos, brochures, product information sheets and software examples.
“We use the digital showroom as a further communication platform to make our product portfolio accessible and extra tangible to our customers worldwide,” explains Sebastian Schoen, advertising supervisor Industry and Transportation at Vogelsang. “Multimedia content, such as movies and animations, paint a picture of our options and let visitors immerse themselves in the world of commercial technology.”
The showroom offers an perception into the whole Vogelsang product vary from grinding options such because the RedUnit and RotaCut, to numerous pump sequence. Highlights embody the just lately launched EP and VY sequence rotary lobe pumps with accompanying seal know-how (API cartridge, CoX cartridge, Quality cartridge, ASU) as properly as the RedUnit XRL260 grinding solution that was additionally launched this year.
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